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Applications of the kingdom principles in this book will not just cause you to enjoy financial freedom but you will be embarrassed with the blessings of God

In this book, you will understand:


  • The blessings of giving

  • The secret to real wealth

  • Why you must live a giving life

  • How your giving impresses God

  • The promises of God to all givers

  • Prayers that can terminate financial struggles 

  • How God can embarrass you with prosperity 

  • Why it is more important to give than to receive 

  • How giving can cause you to enjoy the favor, you don't deserve 

  • How your uncommon sowing can create room for unusual harvest

  • The only way to enjoy a true financial shift

  • How God can turn what is not enough in your life into more than enough etc. 

The Highest Form Of Investment:
  • Giving expands your knowledge

  • Giving terminates reproach

  • Giving terminates insults

  • Giving liberates you from untold hardship

  • Giving empowers you to break the generational financial record

  • It takes you from the realm of expectation to the realm of manifestation

  • It opens the door for undeserved favor

  • Giving takes you to where your feet cannot take you

  • It provokes heaven to act on your behalf

  • It commands angelic intervention

  • It takes away every Satanic veil

  • It provokes automatic deliverance

  • It opens the door for supernatural connection

  • Giving terminates the yoke of lack and want